45CREDIT.com ©™ is a “one of a kind” web based service that address’ the foremost financial concerns today: Low credit scores and Identity Theft.

45CREDIT.com Includes:

Credit Score Accelerator: Our web based program eliminates the guess work about which actions you can take to elevate your credit scores and will show you the potential credit score increases you might expect.

Web Based Dispute System: “Dual Challenge Disputing” helps you in correcting information on your credit reports fast by disputing incorrect information to credit reporting agencies and creditors. Over 20 custom disputes available.

Automated ID Theft Credit Resolution: Use our web based program to help expedite Identity Theft issues on your credit reports by using the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) ID Theft Affidavit documents and other ID Theft solutions. paydayloansz.co.uk/

ChexSystems sm Consumer Report: Access the banking institution’s “credit report” revealing vital information pertaining to your checking and savings account history.

All for only a one time fee of $45

Credit Score Accelerator©™ (CSA) – According to FICO (Creator of the most widely used credit score) 65% of the credit score has nothing to do with good or bad credit. The Credit Score Accelerator shows you many other simple steps that can help elevate your credit scores with potential credit score increases in as little as 5 days The CSA advises you why certain accounts showing on your credit report are better left alone and could actually decrease your credit score if paid.

Web Based Dispute System – Fast, simple & easy. With a click of the mouse, the “Dual Challenge” software prepares up to 20 situational disputes to correct errors on your credit reports and can assist you in disputing inaccurate accounts directly to the creditors. “Dual Challenge” disputing, which uses two different federal laws, increases your chance of elevating your credit scores. Mistakes on your credit report can include; erroneous negative items, obsolete accounts, incorrect balances, wrong status dates, inaccurate credit limits and more.

Automated ID Theft Credit Resolution – Our automated ID Theft Credit Resolution program dramatically reduces the time and money you will have to spend should you become, yet another, statistic of this life altering crime.

ChexSystems® Consumer Report – Don’t understand why you were denied an account at a financial institution? You have probably been flagged in ChexSystems, the credit reporting agency of the banking establishment. Through our program we will show you how to petition ChexSystems to reinvestigate any items in your consumer report that you believe may be inaccurate or incomplete. 45CREDIT.com gives you the tools to help make the process easy.

  • Experian
  • Equifax
  • TransUnion
  • Chex Systems

*45CREDIT.com is not a credit repair service provider and does not receive fees for such services, nor are they a credit clinics, credit repair or credit services organizations or business, as defined by federal and state law.

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